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Custom Meat Processing

Livestock Processing

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Das Butcher Haus has been custom processing beef, pork, sheep, and goats for the people of Arkansas and Missouri since 1992. You can have your animal processed by experienced staff in a clean processing facility. Your meat will be processed and packaged according to your specifications and family size. Our staff will process your animal to maximize your return of usable cuts.

PLEASE NOTE: Animals MUST be able to walk off trailer to be accepted into our facility. Questions? Please call us:  870-438-6594


Livestock Processing Prices

Cost for processing any animal weighing greater than 800 pounds dressed weight:
75¢ per pound on hanging weight.
85¢ per pound for full grind order. 

For animals weighing less than 800 pounds dressed weight:

Slaughter: $50.00 per head
Processing: $0.55 per lb. dress wt.
(Includes cutting, vacuum packing, grinding, and freezing)
.60 for full grind  - NO VAC SEAL ON GRINDS
Tenderizing: No Extra Charge

Slaughter: $35 per head
Processing: $0.55 per lb.
Curing and smoking: $0.75 per lb.

We vacuum seal your cut meat, but please note, we do not provide vac seal on grinds.

Customers: Please Note

So that we can take care of your processing needs please call 2 months in advance to schedule.

And remember to bring your own ice chests or boxes when you come to pick up meat.

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