Our Retail Store

What Our Customers Say About Us

"This is an awesome place to get steaks and beef jerky! Some of the best meat I've ever eaten. Wish I could rate them more than 5 stars." - Smorkle1

"The cleanest butcher house you’ll ever go in. Been using Harpos since they opened and absolutely love the quality of meats they sell and the customer service I get when I walk through the door. Would recommend this place to anybody. Good Christian family". - Kenny V.

"Excellent butcher and super friendly people. Traveled a ways to get there and well worth it. Highly recommend."  - Jason C.

Our Retail Store

Our retail store is right at the front of the facility, and it's crammed with all sorts of delicious things to eat. (Some folks call us the Meat Haus, some look for Butcher House  or just Harpo's, and that's fine, too. Because when it comes to the very best meat you can buy, we've got it!)

You'll find all natural meats in our freezers, the best-ever Amish butter, quality goat milk soaps and lotions, Holistic B&W Ointment (first aid for burns, cuts and sunburns) and plenty of other items you'll want to take home with you.

And - we now have HARPO'S Tee Shirts for sale! Only $19.99 in a variety of sizes. Come in for yours today!

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Our Butcher Shop: Current Retail Pricing

Choose from freshly ground beef to the best steaks, and fresh and smoked pork. Our sausages are country-smoked and bursting with flavor, using time-proven family recipes.


And if you're hungry for old-fashioned bacon that won't shrivel to nothing in the pan, you're in the right place. Our pork comes from area farms to our slaughterhouse, and is smoked and cured right here at our facility. Now that's real bacon! And we have customers who travel quite a distance so they can stock up.

We strive to be humble...but our hams are some of the best in the region. We take orders for the holidays, and our customers want them for every occasion.

Our Current Retail Meat Prices 

All prices are per pound.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

We will have PRIME RIB ROAST and HAMS for your Holidays.
Call now to order!


Beef side - Please call for current price.
T-Bone - $14.99
Boneless ribeye steak - $19.99
Bone-in ribeye steak -$18.99
Sirloin - $10.99
Porterhouse - $15.99
Prime Rib - $16.99
KC Strip - $15.99
Tenderized round steak -$5.99
Rump Roast - $7.99
Chuck roast -  $7.99
Chuck Steak - $7.99
Fresh Brisket -$6.99
Ground Chuck-$6.99
Chuck Patties -$7.99
Tri Tip - $7.99
Stew meat - $7.99
Boneless Short Rib - $8.99
Cube Steak - $7.99
Bacon Burger -  $6.99


Corn Fed Hogs - Please call for current price.
Pork butt - $3.99
Pork Steak - $3.99
Baby back ribs - $5.99
Country style boneless ribs - $4.99
Butterfly pork chops - $5.99
Boneless pork chops - $5.99
Bone In Pork chop - $3.99
Tenderized pork chops - $6.99
Summer sausage - $9.99

- Chorizo - Brats - Italian - Andouille - Cherry Chipolata - Apple - Bacon cheddar
-regular - regular xsage - bacon sausage - hot
Ham- hickory smoke/maple sugar cured  - $3.99
Hams-cut in half - $3.99
Cured Ham slices - $4.99
Ham hocks - $3.99
Bacon- hickory smoke/maple sugar cured - $9.99
Boston Bacon $8.99
Bacon ends - $5.99
Fresh side - $ 7.99


Ground Buffalo - $12.99 per lb
Ground Lamb - $14.99 per lb
Whole All-Natural Chicken - $2.99 per lb
Boneless Chicken Breast - $6.99 per lb
All Jerky Varieties - $9.99/ea


A Customer Reminder

Please remember to bring your own ice chests or boxes when you come in to pick up meat.